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Hue vs Paint Bucket

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For Example - Changing the text colours of a word that is on a transparent background to a specific hex value using the paint bucket will more often than not distort part of the text. But if you go to Adjustments > Hue / Saturation you can change the colours "without the distortion"

So my question is there a way to set the hex color there, because at the moment you have 3 settings to work with Hue / Saturation / Lightness, and you can change that to come very close to the color that you want, but not always.


I hope this makes sense - Although it may be a dumb question (Sorry I am a newbie)

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Another method is to fill another layer with the desired color, then use BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin (with the alpha source set to clipboard alpha) to paste the object into the color layer. This method is a slightly more complex, but also allows, for instance, a gradient to be used as well as a solid color.

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