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Unable to overscroll while moving text despite it being on.

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I can't tell if this is even a bug or not so I'm just posting here cause I am utterly confused on what happened while I was editing stuff for it to do this.

I used to be able to hold left shift + scroll wheel to drag text around with ease, but now when I do it the "view" is always focusing on the text. If it goes outside of the image frame so does where you're looking and vice versa. If it's inside of the image frame it force scrolls back to only within the image frame view and not overscroll it when moving text.

This doesn't replicate when importing image from file and attempting the same thing, only using text.

New issue been dealing with:
Example 1 Gif
Example 2 Gif

Example 3 Gif

Expected/Original outcome when using text:
Example 1 Gif

It's supposed to act just like how it does when I move imported file images, it used to act like that for me but now it isn't anymore and messes with me aligning text how I usually do it. Did I end up just messing up with keybinds or is this a bug? (And yes I have checked the overscroll settings, PaintDotNet keybind documentation, re-installing PaintDotNet entirely, and tried googling stuff regarding the issue prior)

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