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Are all parallelograms "right-leaning"?

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When using the parallelogram, I've noticed that regardless of the click sequence, all parallelograms (shape tool) seem to be right-handed only. That is, when the first click is on the bottom left or top right, both points selected are on the parallelogram because the parallelogram itself has the "up-and-to-the-left" angling. Starting the first click on the top left or bottom right creates a similar parallelogram, but this time the points selected are "floating".


I know I can flip/rotate, etc., but just wondered if this is by design?

I intuitively would have expected that the clicks always end up on the shape, so that starting on the top left or bottom right would create a left-handed parallelogram.


(Note in the image below, that when trying to create left-handed parallelograms, both clicks are "floating" and are not on the shape.


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Yes, it's how that shape is defined.


The points may appear to be floating outside the shape; they're on the bounding rectangle.


If you'd like, you can create your own custom shapes.


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