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Is there any way to change perspective of objects

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In the program, hit Ctrl+Shift+Z. Trust me. :-)

Oh, and trust me also- Rick hates it when people assume that something is "easy." :-)


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thanks David!

Is the function accessible through the menus?

Yeah, I suppose that that would be irritating, to assume it would be easy; I was just thinking of a bit of squashing and warping of a window; but maybe even that would be difficult.

I was thinking of doing it in Basic, reading one window and transferring it into another using a grid of squashed squares that would fit into the squashed destination window. Still I suppose that some kind of colour blending would have to be done when the destination squares were smaller than a pixel.....

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I suppose the hard part is getting realistic perspective; but for me, I'm quite good at getting perspective right, so I suppose I was thinking of just a window that you could rotate and control the corners;

perhaps that could be a suggestion, because some people might want to just do a bit of warping without necessarily sticking to accurate perspective.

unless you can do that already.

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Jellyboots, try this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3305

The functionality that you want is built-in to Paint.NET. I think maybe you missed david.atwell's response telling you to hit Ctrl+Shift+Z.

No, I found it; I used it to alter my avatar. ;)

I was just wondering if there was a more down to earth, just playing around with the shape, and there does seem to be, as LFC4EVER posted...

But I will probably use both.

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