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How do I link to paintdotnet.exe when hidden by Microsoft store??

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I have a subscription to Photoshop, but for most simple image editing, I prefer Paint.Net.  When I double click or right-click and then select Open on a .jpg file, my default is to open irfanview.exe, my photo viewer. But when I right click on a .jpg and select "edit" then I'd like it to bring up Paint.net. The problem is that I purchased Paint.Net from the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft hides the apps from their store. The Paint.Net executable (paintdotnet.exe) on my computer is located at 

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\dotPDNLLC.paint.net_4.302.7947.0_x64__h55e3w7q8jbva\PaintDotNet.exe  a location that I'm not supposed to know about or be able to access.

In order to change the behavior of the "edit" right-click menu choice, I have to put the location of the executable in the Default entry of the 

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\SystemFileAssociations\image\shell\edit\command" Registry key (using regedit.exe). Using the hidden location of the paintdotnet.exe file doesn't work because I'm not allowed to even point at the Paint.Net executable because Microsoft hid it and I'm not supposed to know where it is.


Is there a way to link to the hidden executable?  or should I uninstall my paid version and download a free version?  

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13 hours ago, Zagna said:


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