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Change white text to be a gradient from image?

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I think its called a mask but I don't know about image stuff so I might be completely wrong. Basically, I'm laying out a UI for an app I'm working on. I have a gradient that I like that is basically the base of the whole UI. I have some text for the logo of the app. What I need to do is change the color of the text to basically be recolored to match the gradient that its over. What I kind of did is make a new layer with the gradient on top of the text and set the blend mode to difference, then just invert the colors of the gradient which then gave me exactly what I'm looking for. The problem is since the text is now only showing properly on the layer of the gradient, I can't just copy and paste that text without having to manually remove the 100s of pixels that should be transparent but are now the inverse color of the gradient. https://imgur.com/a/Eo4BGAn I know I can insert image from url but its not accepting any of the individual images or the album as a whole.


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I think what you want is Paste Alpha from BoltBait's plugin pack.  It will allow you to copy a text layer onto the clipboard, then apply it to a gradient layer so that everything except the text is made transparent. The steps you probably want are:


Make a gradient.

Duplicate the gradient layer.

Invert the color of the topmost gradient layer.

Type the text into a transparent layer.

Copy the text layer to the clipboard.

Deactivate the text layer so it isn't visible.

Run Paste Alpha on the topmost (inverted) gradient layer, setting the alpha source to clipboard alpha.

Now you'll have the text as an inverted gradient, with the original gradient as the background.


There are, of course, may possible variations using this general approach.


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Change white text to be a gradient from image

1. Make the gradient.

2. Make a black layer.

3. Type white text into the black layer.

See 1.-3. -> https://abload.de/img/11yljdg.jpg

4. Run Color Clearer (Color white) on the text layer. 

See 4. -> https://abload.de/img/22h3k1m.jpg

5. Join the text layer downwards.

See 5. -> https://abload.de/img/33m8jto.jpg

6. Run Color Clearer (Color black) again on the text.
See 6. -> https://abload.de/img/44snkpt.jpg


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