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Please reconsider ability to "choose" what file format is auto-selected while saving... (let me explain).

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First, I saw the thread 2+ years ago when this was discussed, and there are several problems.  (closed btw, so I couldn't add to the discussion)


It was explained that the "reasoning" you don't allow us to choose is because PNG is a "better" format, it is "lossless".

And you're absolutely right...!  But there's one big problem.  What's that you say?

It's that not every situation requires EVER editing the image again...  How?


- Using the JPEG format to add Album Art into MP3 files...


Using PNG the file can be like 5 TIMES larger in SIZE compare to JPEG, even when you try to lower the settings to reduce the size, and that's a LOT of space and resource requirements, especially if using specialized players.

When you have 5,000+ Audio files, that's also a LOT of unnecessary used drive space.  We are for most people NEVER going to touch this album art again that's "within" the file, thus there is no reason whatsoever to be saving in a larger lossless format.  If we save those images, we do so outside of the file, yes in the proper lossless format.


Second, if you really don't want a "setting" giving us choice, then why not a compromise?


- Simply allow for "that session" of using the program, after our initial choice, it "remembers" and selects automatically whatever our "last choice" was.

This is actually what most programs do as standard practice, even if they have a manual setting.

So, there is no reason you can't at least give us THIS functioning in Paint.net....?  Paint resets to PNG on restart, so no "mistakes".


When editing 1,000's of files, you're not giving us a "happy place", even with the "keypresses" as a workaround.  NOT a happy thing when doing that much work.


Please actually reconsider this time, this IS a reasonable request and solution...


Thank you...


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