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Wrap paper texture around folder shape

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I have tried to re-register all afternoon.  I answer your security questions correctly but still it says I have not given the right answer.  Honestly, I think the Fed has less security to create an account for the federal reserve than you guys do!!! 


I want to wrap a patterned piece of paper around a file folder shape so that the folder shape and patterned paper become one.  The folder is no longer manilla but looks like I glued the paper to it and cut out around the shape.  


My email address is jamieknoy@cox.net if anyone cares to help me by either answering my question or getting me registered I would appreciate it.  Honestly, I am so frustrated at this point I have no expectations either way.


Also, if an admin scolds me for posting to an ancient thread, I can assure you I will tell them to KMA as this was my final hope of getting through to anyone on this board.   


p.s.  I have screenshots of the security questions answered correctly but getting a "you gave wrong answer" popup if this helps.


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Hi @trikdagain2.  I use Boltbait's  Creative Text Pro  for projects like this. It also works on objects on a transparent background.


It works great on folder shapes and you have options for bevel; soft, hard; and the offset for the bevel.


One of the admins; @toe_head2001, @BoltBait or @Ego Eram Reputo will have to help you with registering. One of them will see this, I'm sure. 🙂



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