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Swiss election


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Four times a year there is an election in Switzerland.

This time we could decide about seven different topics in Solothurn (16'000 residents).

Personally I opened around 900 envelopes in 4 hours and presorted the 7 different ballot papers (new record on my side 😉)

Then it took us (30 people) three more hours to finish counting of the votes.


BTW: Because there was this discussion about same-sex marriage in an other topic.

The law in Switzerland already allowed this, but people collected enough signatures to ask the people in an election. Now 64% voted pro.


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The average in the last years was a little bit less than 50% (regarding national polls). But it really depends on the topic so the range is 40% to 60%.

There is also something special. To win a national poll you need the majority of votes and the majority of cantons (A canton is similar like Scotland in the UK). So a canton with a larger population can not easily dominate the others.

In Solothurn city the turnout was quite high this time because we also decided about a new city president (the old one - who was quite popular -  leaded the city the last 24 years). Now the first time a left-center woman got the job. Let's see how she will perform. 🙂


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