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Sample C# code plugin to load an image

John Scott

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I have a custom image format that I've had a Paint.NET plugin to view for about 4 years now. Unfortunately, with moving to Net5, it no longer compiles. Is there source for a sample plugin using the latest and greatest to load an image out there?


Alternatively, given and int32[] of RGBA pixels, how would I convert that to a BitmapLayer (to add to a document)? 

I'm sorry to ask something so simple, but I'm having no luck with my google-fu



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DirectBitmap is in the StackOverflow link. Even older code is commented out.



private void AddLayer( Document mippedDocument, int8 mip, int32[] image, FGameTexHeader header, int32 widthInBlocks, int32 heightInBlocks )
	// Copy the data to a bitmap
	int32 width = widthInBlocks * header.BlockWidth;
	int32 height = heightInBlocks * header.BlockHeight;

	// https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24701703/c-sharp-faster-alternatives-to-setpixel-and-getpixel-for-bitmaps-for-windows-f
	DirectBitmap bitmap = new DirectBitmap(header.MaxWidth, header.MaxHeight);
	// 	Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap( header.MaxWidth, header.MaxHeight, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb );

	for ( int32 y = 0; y < height; y++ )
		for (int32 col = 0; col < width; ++col)
			bitmap.SetPixel(col, y, Color.FromArgb(image[y * width + col]));

		// Rectangle area = new Rectangle( 0, y, width, 1 );
		// BitmapData pixel_data = bitmap.LockBits( area, ImageLockMode.WriteOnly, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb );
		// Marshal.Copy( image, y * width, pixel_data.Scan0, width );
		// bitmap.UnlockBits( pixel_data );

	// Copy the bitmap to a Paint.NET layer
	Surface mip_surface = Surface.CopyFromBitmap(bitmap.GetBitmap(), false );
	// Surface mip_surface = Surface.CopyFromBitmap(bitmap, false);
	BitmapLayer mip_layer = new BitmapLayer( mip_surface );
	mip_layer.Name = "Mip " + mip;
	mip_layer.Visible = ( mip == 0 );
	mip_layer.BlendMode = LayerBlendMode.Normal;
	mip_layer.Opacity = 255;
	mippedDocument.Layers.Add( mip_layer );



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I wouldn't create an intermediate Bitmap. Just create a new BitmapLayer and set the pixels in a loop

            var layer = new BitmapLayer(pixelWidth, pixelHeight);
            layer.Surface[column, row] = ...

We just discussed what may be the fastest way to set the surface data from a raster.



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