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I am using version 4.2.16 on Win10 with a stylus and graphics tablet on a 34inch ultra-wide screen. The application works exactly as expected but I am finding, with the higher resolution of screen, the mouse cursor is incredibly small and annoyingly easy to lose. Is there some way I can increase the cursor size in the application or could an enhancement be considered for the roadmap?

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I'm having the same curser issue. Adjusting the system curser doesn't help. My curser is big enough to handle all applications. It's a standard size when outside the gray area.. but immediately becomes micro-sized when inside the gray area and canvas. I tried increasing the brush size - and even zoomed up to 800% to see if that would help, but no.. the + curser is the size of pin head at all times. Please add a button to increase the + when inside the canvas. Thank you 

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