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help with texture diffuse.dds glossy issue

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so I'm making a texture for a character for a new race in Kenshi.

I'm using an old nude model for now just to get the body proportioned out but will be replaced with fur later.

a problem I'm having is when I use my diffuse it's very shiny and glossy and I don't know if when I save it what I should be using in the settings.

there are so many options I don't know what one to use or if it has anything to do with why it's not translating very well. 

I make sure to have mip maps checked to create mipmaps when saving but one response I had on the Kenshi forum about it is perhaps the wrong channels for it but I don't know what channel or even how to change channels.


I figured since I took the image directly from kenshi used open with paint.net then renamed it that this would make sure everything is loaded fine but for some reason after I edit the portion of the image that I needed to change for now that being the texture and diffuse for the under cloths with a model I have when I save it and load it, it loads shiny instead of how it should look.


I fixed some of the problems by using a Cannibal mask and stuff because they are naturally naked so that makes 1 less thing I need to work on. 

so the only file I need to change now to get what I'm looking for is primarily the texture and it is a diffuse.dds file but for some reason any time I change anything on the image and resave it it lt loads in the game all shiny and stuff and it shouldn't.


anyone know if it's something in the settings or something?

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15 minutes ago, Sukotto82 said:

anyone know if it's something in the settings or something?


Many games use the alpha channel to control the specularity (glossyness) of an image.


Unfortunately, paint.net does not have a built-in way to edit the image channels as a grayscale image.

You should be able to use the Switch Alpha to Gray and Paste Alpha plugins in @BoltBait's plugin pack as a workaround for that missing feature.


Regarding the DDS output format, this guide on Steam indicates that the diffuse map should be saved as BC3 / DXT5.

You can also use the DirectXTex Texdiag utility to get the format and mipmap information from the original textures.


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