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Portable.Net question

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Geertjee, Wikipedia knows all*: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable.NET

Although, do you mean a portable Paint.NET? If so, there is no such official version. If you were to copy the entire program folder of Paint.NET (C:\Program Files\Paint.NET) onto a removable media storage device, you would effectively have a 'portable' copy of Paint.NET, with plugins in toe.

Be warned: you loose printing capabilities, Explorer thumbnails, and registry traces are left behind on the host computer, which true portable applications aim to prevent. What's more, the necessary .NET Framework has to be installed on the host computer first.

This is not officially supported, but has been recommended before. Basically, don't expect any technical assistance if your portable version goes belly upwards.

As for the whys and wherefores of the portable .NET Framework project, I personally have done little research into this, I am aware, though, that some members here have.

*just about.

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