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[Suggestion] Respect file type selector in open/save dialogs


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Load and Save should respect the plugin associated to a file type selector in the open/save dialog box.


I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it.

And maybe I'm wrong and there is a misunderstanding how the things are working.


In the moment the file type selector is just used to filter the view against the extensions defined in the selector.

But the associated plugin is not used to execute the operation. Instead the extension determines which plugin or built-in function will be executed.


This makes it difficult to add different .gif loaders or to load files with a somehow bad extension. I.e. these BMPs which are not Windows BMPs.

Even if we are using a different extension like .bmrl in the selector, the selector would not be respected if we type *.bmp in the filename box and select a bmp file.


Users may be confused if they are not selecting a specific file type selector in the dialog and the application uses the default loader/saver.

I agree, but it also doesn't satisfy users in all cases.


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