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Tesla Logo Circular Multiplicity

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Hi, I'm trying to put 8 or so tesla logos into a circle. Supposedly the Logo is a cross section of an electric motor, so i'm trying to put it back together. I kinda freehanded the one image, but I can't seem to get the anchor point, or the spacing precise enough. I'm copying the symbol, pasting into another layer, and anchoring the bottom of the T, and rotating. But, I can't get the anchor precise, the width at the top compared to the length seems too wide. The question is, how would you advanced users accomplish this? And for some reason I cannot get the flip verticle, rotate 90 to work when dealing with layers for some reason. Maybe I need to find a snap to grid or something? What do you guys think?


tesla motor1.png

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Are you sure that the top line of the logo is a segment of a circle with the tip at the center? If you ere measuring the distance from the tip to the top line then the distance is different at the middle and the outer point. What's the goal? Should the top line be a segment of a perfect circle then you may have to fake it a bit.

midoras signature.gif

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On a New Layer beneath the Tesla T, make a small colored dot.
Use the Align Object plugin to center the dot.
Position the tip of the T at the middle of the dot.


Duplicate the T layer.

Using the Move Selected Pixels tool with the Shift key down

and the right mouse button, rotate the layer three steps.

Repeat until done.

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