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Compilation errors


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Hi all,

I am trying to compile paint.net on VS 2008. paint.net version 3.36

i have copied mt.exe and signtool.exe to the manifest folder.

I am not able to compile four folders paintdotnet,PdnRepair,UpdateMonitor,WiaProxy32

I am getting the error.

Error 3 The command "@rem Embed manifest

call "D:\paint.net\src\Manifests\embedManifest.bat" "D:\paint.net\src\WiaProxy32\bin\Debug\WiaProxy32.exe" "D:\paint.net\src\Manifests\asInvoker.xml"

call "D:\paint.net\src\Manifests\embedManifest.bat" "D:\paint.net\src\WiaProxy32\obj\x86\Debug\WiaProxy32.exe" "D:\paint.net\src\Manifests\asInvoker.xml"

@rem Sign

rem call "D:\paint.net\src\signfile.bat" "D:\paint.net\src\WiaProxy32\obj\x86\Debug\WiaProxy32.exe"

rem call "D:\paint.net\src\signfile.bat" "D:\paint.net\src\WiaProxy32\bin\Debug\WiaProxy32.exe"

" exited with code 1. WiaProxy32

Please help



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