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BMP format for GPS POI icon

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There are .bmp file format variants which support rle4 and rle8 run-length encoding but still the file must start with "BM". The header contains a compression field telling a reader that the file is using rle.

If you find a specification and a different file extension someone should be able to create a plugin for the format. I'm sure it would be pretty easy.

But we can not create bmp files which can not be opened by image viewers.

Maybe the data is rle4 or rle8 endcoded and someone tried to be clever and save some header bytes compared to the bmp specification.


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1 hour ago, lingfude said:

I think it's possible if do it like this:


Paint.NET requires file type plugins to have a different extension than the built-in formats.


Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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