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64-bit BMPs


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I was able to create 64bppArgb Bitmaps and to save them as BMPs with a bitcount of 64-bit.

It looks like there is gdi+ support nowadays.

paint.net is able to load these BMPs. Colors and alpha looked ok

I was wondering about the values in these 16-bit channels. The range is from 0 to 0x2000.  

(BGRA) (0x2000 0x2000 0x2000 0x2000) seems to be white full opaque.

Does anybody know if these values are a 16-bit floating point variant and which one?





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I found the following in the wic documents

Fixed-Point Numerical Encoding

16-bit fixed-point values are interpreted as s2.13: sign bit, two integer bits, and thirteen fractional bits. Using this interpretation, a numerical range of −4.0 to +3.999... can be represented, with the value of 1.0 represented by the signed integer value 8192 (0x2000).


and implemented


        int Fixed16To16bits(int fixed16)
            double d = (double)fixed16 / 0x2000; // 2^13 = 8192 = 0x2000; d is now in the range 0..1
            return (int)(d * 0xFFFF); // 2^16-1 = 65535 = 0xFFFF


to convert the fixed point to a standard channel value.


This works so far, but the image in the pdf is a little bit dark. Not sure where to look for this issue in the moment.

I'm getting a better results by using bitmap.GetPixel() and stretching the 8 bit channel values to 16bit.



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