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Shortcut keys not working properly (Ft. Graphic tablet compatibility?)

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I've been using Paint.net for a very long time since, and I've got use to it above the other softwares. I'm one of those rare people (Maybe?) who like using Paint.net as a literal drawing software, more than just editing photos. Since I got my graphic tablet, it's even better.

I got used to the shortcut keys suggested in the app, I've discovered a lot during my several-years-lasting experience of the software.

At one point from last year, I've got a bug that wasn't that a big deal for me. Sometimes the shortcut keys weren't working properly to select a tool in the toolbar. (Somehow the shortcuts for the layers, even if I'd rather use them manually, and the ones like Ctrl + Shift + S are working without problems.)

And just yesterday before I post this, I've found the origin : It's when I switch from one picture to another in the tabs above. Once I got on my picture, and want to directly use the shortcuts to not waste time, they just don't work. I have to select them from the toolbar manually or click in the window's top bar (You know, where the red [X] is located) to make them work again.

So this is just to report a small, but annoying bug that should be easily fixed (I guess...?).

PS : Since I'm a graphic tablet user, the developers should also add some sort of more "accessible" features through the graphic tablet, that would be an interesting option, in my opinion! The bug also applies to the tablet, since I have no other choices than assigning tools to graphic tablet through the shortcut keys.

My graphic tablet is a Wacom Intuos BT S

Thank you! ☺️

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Yep, graphic tablets work 100% fine. You just have to adapt the settings of each features/buttons of the graphic tablet for a better use.
If pressure sensitivity would be added, why not! That would be awesome as well, even if I'm mostly used to the static brush size 😉

Although, what mostly concerns me is the bug I've found. I can only hope it would be fixed in the next update ☺️

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