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Plugin for 'click' inserting text in sequence (Post-code/map making)

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I have a large image of a map and for every building I need to insert a sequential number to each building/POI on it. I started to manually type these in but it soon got messy, wondering if theres a plugin where you can set font, colour, size and starting number and then click whereever you want and it will insert a number per click?


e.g. 100, 101, 102, 103 etc



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Hello @ryankiwi and welcome to the forum :)


The only way I can think of is:


1.  Have your map on its own layer.

2. Make a new layer, type the text and then merge down to the map.

3.  Repeat #2.


Also, If you had the numbers pre-made in a folder, you could use Copy & Paste.

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Hi all,


Thanks for the responses, @AndrewDavid don't think that will work for me as the image im placing these on is a map with building shapes of many colours/sizes etc.

I guess I know what I need now and thats some sort of step counter plugin but lets you set a shape and/or font, colour/type/size etc etc, which also lets you start at 1 or a custom number/letter or similar.

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