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I must be a dullard.

It seems I follow the instructions but can't copy a part of the image to overwrite another part of the image (in a different location).

I didn't see a step-by-step example.

Seems very difficult to use.

Select (using rectangle) - click on the copy tool - drag to new location.... then what??  Can't get it copied (never overwrites at the new location)

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Thank you, that process finally selected what I wanted.  I'm just starting to use paint.net.  Once I re-positioned, it took me awhile to figure out I had to press ENTER to actually complete the process.

A few years ago (many), in another program, you simply selected an area, dragged it to the new location and clicked again.  That was simple - this seems difficult and tedious by comparison.

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Editing actions need to be committed to the canvas in order to tell the program when you're done editing. Deselecting a selection or activating another tool will do it. I generally use the Esc key.

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