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"Sheared" Edge Effect


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I know that general torn/ragged edges are all over the website, but I had a really hard time describing/searching for this effect, so thought I'd post.

I'm looking for a specific edge effect, namely the type used in this background:


Full, for the curious: http://bestgamewallpapers.com/files/wow ... trance.jpg

It looks like it may have been done manually, and most likely in Photoshop, but if there's something out there that can reproduce it, or just some good steps for getting a similar effect, that works too.

If anyone has any ideas, or a link to a post I may have missed when searching, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I can't recall any plug in that does this. personally I'd make that in a couple of layers. your background picture bottom then add layer . select just the top portion bucket fill the dark color, leaving the bottom transparent so your original picture shows.

on the top layer just lasso and delete out thin strips along the bottom edge of the dark color.

ciao OMA

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Try the water reflection plugin (click here) then squash the reflection into a narrower slice. Some tips that might explain this last step are here: Toy Car Tutorial.

Note that you may have to start with a larger canvas so the reflection has room to work without overwriting the critical parts of the image (center the image if you want the same effect on all the edges).

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You can try using Dents and stretching it waaaaaaaaaay out to the side (not using the dents plugin stretcher, it doesnt go that far).....

Actually, using both and adding a 0 degree motion blur at the end would probably yield better results.

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