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Plugins that fail in the 4.3.X Builds of Paint.NET


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Hi there. I'm hoping that you can help me with the Parallel Lines and Patterns plugin, which I love and used all the time. The plugin stopped showing up in my render folder  following this upgrade. I have tried following the advice here by removing the files from my effects folder and copying new versions in multiple times, and it hasn't helped. I also can't see anything about it not working in my plugin errors.


I'm not very techy (the cross one bears from working in corporate all my life, where you have an IT dept. to take care of most issues!), so I really hope that someone can help and use plain language to explain what I need to do. 🤞 ☺️

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Hi @AllegedStuffI guess you already got the advice in the plugins topic.

Because of changes in paint.net the OptionBasedLibrary files must now be placed in the Effects folder.

Or create a folder ParallelLines folder in the effect folder and copy ParallelLines .dll/.dlc and OptionBasedLibrary.dll/.dlc into this folder (this is the method Rick prefers).

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Thanks so much, midora. I followed the instructions in the plugin pack, and didn't do that! But I will now given you're the second person to suggest this, and will try Rick's referred method. I so appreciate your help. Finger's crossed that it works. 😊


It worked! Thanks so much. 😊👍

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