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Curving- Wave like changes for an image

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I have a task to position an bracelet image with transparent background over a model's hand image. The image should be bent in a way to make it appear as if the model is really wearing that bracelet.  I am not sure how to adjust the bracelet image. I tried the polar transformation but I dont read a perfect circular form. I need the ability to control the curve. How can I do that?

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You could try two of pyrochild's plugins: Grid Warp and Liquify.


Both allow the image in the clipboard to be used as the background, so you can copy the model's arm to the clipboard for the background. If you use Grid Warp, it might help to rotate the image so that the arm is horizontal and the bracelet vertical, then rotate back the combined image. If you use Liquify, you'll probably want to try a large-sized brush.


Another plugin that might be worth trying is Paste Warp+. It would almost certainly be advisable to first rotate the image to make the arm horizontal.

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