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Alpha Mask made PDN crash

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I just downloaded the Alpha Mask Import plug in and was using it with this tutorial-


I did the first step and adjusted the luminosity in curves. Then I tried to save the mask but it is at this point where I am not sure if I did the right thing- causing the crash. I went to the effects menu and opened the plugin and gave the mask a name and clicked on OK. Then a small window opened up saying it was rendering but nothing was happening and it stayed at 0% so I clicked on cancel at which point the program crashed.

Should I have saved as a normal file without using the plugin at this point or am I supposed to use it to save the mask? I noticed the `browse' option . Do I browse for a file that has been saved the normal way using the plug in and the reason it was not rendering was because there was nothing to render?

I have had this plug in recommended to me and would like to be able to use it properly.If someone could just clear this up for me it would be most helpful.



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Greetings Goonfella.

The way you are supposed to use the plugin is to create the mask, saving that as a separate PNG file. Next, you open up the image you wish to apply the mask to and operate the plugin by navigating Browse and selecting the mask you have just saved. The plugin will work its magic.

You do not use the plugin to save a mask, only open one.

It sounds as though you were doing everything 'by the book' up until this point. Carry on persevering! The results can be worth the work!

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