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You are going to have to be more specific.
What don't you know how to do?
Blend Modes?

(My New Signature) Nickpic was a image hosting source made specifically for RPers and its shutting down. 

I use postimage.IO for free web hosting. How long before they follow photobucket and NicKPic?

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Make a New Layer above your background image.

With the color of your choice draw the outline of

the largest area and fill it using the Paint Bucket tool.

On the keyboard, press F4.

Set the Blend Mode to Multiply.
Reduce the Opacity to what looks good to you.


Repeat with each smaller area.
Use a New Layer each time.

For the edge effect, for each layer, Magic Wand the transparent section outside of the colored part.


Make a New Layer, set to Multiply Blend Mode.

Fill the selection with a darker version of the color that you are using.

Deselect and apply Gaussian blur.

Make the lower layer active and, again, Magic Wand the transparent section outside of the colored part.

Make the upper Gaussian blurred layer active and press Delete on the keyboard.


Repeat for each filled layer.


Adjust the Opacity on all the layers until it looks good.

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It doesn't matter what the bottom layer is named.

What is important is that the map image is the bottom layer

and all editing is done on new layers above the map layer. 
No editing on the map layer itself.


If the Paint Bucket fills the entire layer it means that there is a break in the outline.

The outline has to be a closed loop.

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Are you able to walk me through it?  You can log into my computer using anydesk.  PIease let me know. followed the video.  When I drew the outline and used the color fill it filled everything.  I couldnt see the outlines.  It was just a blue box.

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