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Apply "vanishing" blur effect

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Sometimes I want to apply a blur effect to a circle, but I would like it be "lose its strength" from the center to the borders. Like, at the very center it should be 100%, but at the very border, it should be 0, so that there would be no visible edge to the effect, it would appear as a continuous transition to the regular image. Is there any easy way of doing it? (It I could select the percentages at different distances from the center, it would be extra awesome.)


Thank you.

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The usual way to pretend effects have a strength filter is to make a copy of the layer you want to edit, apply the effect to the copy, and use the erase tool, then merge the layers. Works for any effect/adjustment, but it's fairly primitive and there's no precision.


For precise or specific patterns, there's alpha mask plugins, which basically set the alpha (alpha=transparency) to the brightness of a black-and-white image. That's like using a strength map. Probably your best bet if you really want perfect continuity.


Then there's plugins that can edit channels, in particular inverting alpha. You can do the layer copy trick and instead of using erase tool, use the radial gradient in transparent mode (both colors must be transparent), click center of your circle and drag the gradient to the edge. This'll erase continuously from the center to the edges, then you can invert the alpha.

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