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Can i add downloaded fonts from say "dafont.com" to Paint.net?

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That made me think, it would be quite useful if PDN did have that facility for fonts.


I'm thinking along the lines of a favourite fonts list. I have probably over 500 fonts due to the the ones I've added to Windows font store over the years, usually for one off purposes and often involving PDN. A smaller favourite fonts list also allowing you to save the same font with different size/type settings might be helpful for specific projects too.   


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Thanks for the reference @AndrewDavid but you did not have to. When I wrote that, I was just repeating what others, more experienced and knowledgeable users wrote before me.


@IHaveNoName, I read in the forum recently (I looked but I can't find it now), a discussion about making the drop-down fonts list in PDN behave like the one in MS Word - i.e. list the most recently used fonts at the top, sort of like favourites.


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5 hours ago, Alpha2beta said:

How do i add fonts to Windows?


Just drag them into your Windows Font Folder.  Then when you are in PDN it will use whatever you have in that Font folder.


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