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Saving image with transparency as PNG, but losing the transparency

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I have a Paint.Net (v4.2.16) pdn file with my logo. It is a single layer where the background is all transparent (checkerboard pattern). I have previously saved it as varying png files that have maintained their tranparent backgrounds fine. But now I just edited the pdn and did Save As...png image type - but the background is being changed from transparent to white in the output png file.


Am I missing something here? Why is this happening - is there some setting impacting this?



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That's right. 24 bits is 8 bits for each of the RGB channels & no Alpha. 32 bits is 8 bits for each RGB+Alpha channel.


You're generally best to use Auto-Detect rather than setting the bit depth - for exactly this reason. Auto-Detect chooses the best match for the image.

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