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Text editing in Paint.NET as in MS Word

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Hello Paint.NET Community,


My question is that I cannot edit text in Paint.NET as in MS WORD, for example see the attaching image:



as shown I can use the same sentence or LINE to edit each word by changing its color or format (bold, italic, etc... ) is there why to do the same using Paint.NET ?

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Always put your text on its own new layer.


If you want to change a word to italics, erase the word and retype it as italics on a new layer.
(Same for Bold, etc.)

Position it with the Move Selected Pixels tool.

To change the color, make a selection around the word and use the Silhouette Plus plugin or the Recolor tool.

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MathLaTeX will do what you want so long as you're prepared to use a little syntax to create the formatting. Certainly plain text and colors are easy enough.




Alternatively MyCreaLogo or Text Pro (free trial)

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