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Happy birthday @cakie67

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Thank you all. You are most Kind.I have not been on because of " Manc". And this is why >

To Whom It May concern ,

I joined “ Paint.net “ only for the purpose of getting  my plugins for my Paint.net. Some of the people were very helpful and kind. Like  Red Ochre, and other plugin makers.
There was one lady who was constantly helping me. She was very kind. 
So I joined thinking what nice people. Then a person calling himself “ “Manc” sent a friends request. Ok I thought nice.  Can anyone ever have to many friends ( if they are true friends?) Well “ Manc “ read my profile. It is clearly explained I follow Jesus the Christ.  I am a Born Again Christian. So Manc knew I was a Christian.  When I told him a true Story about an encounter with a “ pedophile “ at the age of 6 years old ( I even gave the location and town).
“ Manc “read the account and went into a rage with cuss words and accusations. There is a Word of Scripture I am going to show here    
New Testament,  Book of Hebrews chapter 13 :2  by the Apostle Paul 
“ it says “ Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware”. Angels are “ messengers from God who walk this earth as if like humans. God is Lord He can do whatever He wants and we cannot say to Him “ what doest thou” in unbelief. I trust in and Believe God the King of the Universe. Did God send an angel from heaven to help me escape this pedophile when I was 6 years old? YES. I saw the angel’ s  light behind the pedophile and I heard the angel say to me run and how. I did indeed escape 100% this unholy pedofile because God made the way! 
 Now  “ Manc”  threatened me that he was going to tell everyone  on Paint. net forum about me.( like a warning ) Go right ahead, for by so doing this he is spreading a true account of what God did for me and he is helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have harmed no one on this forum, nor was it ever my intent. Not even to harm this “ Manc”. He sought me  out, I never sought him out. Manc has  need of anger management and needs to get right with Jesus. That is 100% clear by his actions against me. In the Holy Scriptures there are 7 verses telling us how Satan  : accuses God’s servants and followers and his Children ( for I am a child of God through Christ Jesus ). Here are a few.
Revelation 12:10, Job 2:1-6, Zechariah 3: 1-2, Matthew 27:40, Matthew 4:3, 
I did nothing wrong to “ Manc “.

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@Cakie67, I want you to feel free to return to this forum and interact with your friends here.


If @Manc gives you even one ounce of grief, you just let me know and I will ban him on the spot.


Everyone should feel welcome on this forum as long as they follow the rules.


If anyone feels abused in a PM, just add a mod to the discussion and they will take care of it. Period.

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