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[Recommendation] Pain't net, Save Pictures without combine layers.

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When i work images i save it as pdn for edit and jpg for share, but if i change a small details on image on every saved image, i need press control-z to return layers for edit and save other compressed image.

Why not combine images only on saved image and not in paint'net?, with this, we no need press control-z. But for newer user you can keep as warning (If you save in this format, you will be lost layers on saved file, you want continue? ask yes or not and add option (Show this warning every time that save in this format). and if want to change go to settings menu.

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20 minutes ago, ardneh said:

Copy the image.
Ctrl Shift C


Paste into a new image.
Ctrl Alt V


Save the new image in whatever format you want.

Yes is a trick that i use, but if paint'net combine images on only saved image you can save time skipping this step.

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Hey there, new to editing, I am doing a project and what i want to do is this


save my layers, as seperate files, and i want them to save in the same position on the same size canvas... when i tried to ctrl+shift C and paste it, it would take the initial picture, rather than the layers...

how could i save my layers - any ideas help would be greatly appreciated... thank you !

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I wanted to post a similar feature request, but maybe this thread could have the same solution:


From other Tools (Photoshop? can't remember exactly) I know a function "Save Copy as" or "Export" which already by the name states it is in contrast to the other "Save"/"Save as" functions.

For me this is the ideal workflow, since I can then SaveCopyAs/Export a PNG/JPG but the PDN file name stays untouched, the layers stay untouched and maybe (depending on implementation) the Star even stays untouched, indicating I did not save the PDN.

In the current workflow, saving to PNG will indicate "no unsaved changes" but I will then loose the changes in the layers, unless I save PDN first, then PNG.

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I would prefer it too but I also remember all the complains when GIMP switched to this approach. War times 😉

A lot of user just do not use layers and they can not accept to just open and save a file.

.pdn of paint.net is like .xcf of GIMP the native file type of the application which stores part of the workflow and not just the pixel data.

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