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Newbie Question about Changing Perspective/Skew of Image to match that of image which it will replace in background

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Hi Y'all - 


I really have tried hunting through the plethora of information on these forums (good job y'all!) to find the solution to my quest, but haven't yet found the "easy method" that I'm hoping is out there.


1) I want to take this original image (home office with floral wallpaper),

2) remove the floral wallpaper (I know how to do that), and

3) replace the floral wallpaper with this blue almond blossom wallpaper (I know how to insert it into the background).

4) What I don't know how to do, and can't figure out an easy way to do it, is how to change the perspective of the "flat" almond blossom image to match the perspective of the original floral image. There's got to be an easy way, right?


If someone could point me to the right tutorial, tool or plugin, it would be VERY much appreciated.


Thanks, in advance, for your help.


small OfficeFot195980717-1080W-50_FAM-0000000054.jpg


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Hi @Dan the Newbie and Welcome :)


There is this Plugin, which may be of help:



I think there is another one, I'll have a search for you and post when I find it, unless someone else does first 😁 


Here we go:



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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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First, on a New Layer, draw an outline of the painting that you want to replace.





Then use Align Object to center your replacement image.




Then use Layers > Rotate / Zoom to change the perspective to what looks okay.





Use the Move Selected Pixels tool with the Shift key down to resize the image.

And reposition the image with the Move Selected Pixels tool.

















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Thanks so much to all of you for responding with relevant, useful answers.
Especially to ardneh for the step-by-step.
I think this is probably the best forum community I have EVER come across (and I'm an old man on the web since it was a DARPA project).
Kudos, and THANKS, to you all.
I will contribute as I get my newbie wings clipped.



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