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How do I move Paint.net from one PC to another?

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Sorry if this has been posed before, I tried to search the forums but I'm brand-new here and don't use a lot of web forums. 

As the title of my topic states, I want to transfer my copy of Paint.Net from my old PC to a new one. 

I'm aware I can just download it again, but I have  a lot of plug-ins and special fonts I've downloaded over the years that I would like to migrate to my new computer. 

It would take me days, if not week, to hunt them all down and re-download them. 

Any help here would be sincerely appreciated. 


PS - Paint.Net RULES! I love this program so much!!!!

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Install Paint.net on your new computer.


Copy/Paste the Effects and File Types folders on your old PC to a USB drive,

then Copy/Paste the contents to the folders on your new PC.

Fonts are a function of Windows, not specific to Paint.net.


You'll need to copy them from the Fonts folder on your old PC.


Typically, Drive C > Windows > Fonts

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