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PNG indexed palette

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I am drawing a 4 palette png file. Here is the palette as a plain .txt file:

I attach the png file created archer_mine.png


I use the png file in a custom external tool and I noticed the darkest and light color are switched in the final result.

I opened the same .png file in mtPaint software and looked at the palette. As you can see, the palette here has a different order: light and darkest are actually switched.


Is it possible that Paint.NET software is switching colors in the indexed palette inside the png file ? Is there a way to tell Paint.NET not to do so and report on the .png file the exact order of the colors I put into the used palette ?


In other words, how can I save my png file having the indexed palette ? I've also tried the OptiPNG fileType http://optipng.sourceforge.net/ but still I have problems, as the colors are all switched, as the palette is reversed. I think Paint.NET should not mess with my custom palette I use when saving an image.


Thank you





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