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creating shadow image on individual's pic

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Even with a shadow, the child will not look realistic in your picture because:

1. She is displayed much too large for her location in the picture relative to the positions and sizes of the other people. If she were standing upright, she would appear to be taller than the man with the blue shirt. You need to shrink the child to make the perspective look right.


2. Her feet do not look as though they are flat on the ground. You need to rotate her backwards a little bit.

3. Her photo is sharper than the main picture. Applying a tiny amount of blur to her image will help match the rest of the picture.

4. She has been cut out from her original picture quite well, except for the odd looking patch in front of her right shoe (as shown below). That needs to be erased.

Assuming you have her cut-out image in a separate layer with a transparent background, you can easily fix all of these things. Only then, should you work on applying a shadow, which I'm sure someone else will advise you about.


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You will want to do all of your editing on New Layers above the background image.


The red line on the left goes from the end of the man's hand to the end of the hand's shadow.

This gives you the angle of the sunlight.


Get the shadow color with the Color Picker tool from the existing shadows.


Then use your imagination for the shape of the girl's shadow.


Because she is up in the air, shadow will be lighter in color due to more ambient light.

Reduce the darkness of the shadow by reducing Opacity in Layer Properties.


The shadow can be moved up or down on the canvas

to match where you want the girl to be in the scene.
(Nearer or more distant in the scene.)








It might look better if the girl was smaller and rotated,

if you can do so without losing too much image quality.






Erase any parts of the shadow that cover
any foreground items.




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