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In PDN can i fully COLORIZE a B&W image without diminishing the SOLID BLACK in the image ?....

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In PDN can i....1. 'extract' all the SOLID BLACK in a B&W image as a separate element, set it aside, then...2. (with my cursor) colorize the original image with TRANSPARENT COLORS, then....3. place the SOLID BLACK element back onto the colorized image....resulting in a colorized image with full un-diminished BLACK CONTRAST ?....


I would prefer to do a similar procedure, instead of just trying to carefully apply TRANSPARENT COLORS on the lighter parts of the b&w image (which would cover and diminish much of the gradated-BLACK areas)....


If i can NOT do that above 1-2-3 procedure in PDN, is there another FREE (or inexpensive) app or plug-in available online, in which i CAN do a similar procedure ?

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You can also use the Overlay blend mode as I explained in this thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118101-best-method-to-recolor-a-game-texture/


  1. Add a new layer above the image.
  2. Set the Blend mode to Overlay.
  3. Paint over the parts you want to recolor with an appropriately colored brush.

This technique is largely how I recolored this model from grayscale.




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You probably don't mean you only want perfectly black pixels on a separate layer (in which case follow above), but otherwise, the direct way to do what you're asking is to switch to the magic wand tool, set flood mood to global, set tolerance to 0% and click any perfectly black pixel. This selects them all. Now cut and paste on a new layer above the current one. Switch to the original layer you were just on, perform your recolorizations. You're done.

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