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how can i get rid of these small blue pixels easily

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5 hours ago, skif113 said:

is there a quicker alternative? 


Magic Wand tool + Shift key. I made one selection on a medium blue pixel at tolerance of 50% then filled the selection with white. Job done.



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8 hours ago, MJW said:

You could try my HSV Eraser to erase them or BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+ to erase (change alpha to 0) or recolor them.


If you try the HSV Eraser, first sample the blue color with the Color Picker tool, to make it the Primary Color.


8 hours ago, ardneh said:

Another option is to Color Pick the blue, then run Kill Color Keeper plugin, set to Kill Color.

Thank you guys so much!


The HSV eraser and Kill Color plugin both worked well.

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