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I can't find all the settings on a new install on a new Win10 PC, I'm sure it used to be possible to set several startup options

I have been using PdN for 10+ years (with plenty of 'donations') and use kbd shortcuts wherever possible. Now on startup I am presented with the little windows for Tools, Layers, History and Colours already open so I have to hit F1, F2, F3, F4 in succession to get ready for work. Can this be set not to happen?

I have just looked through the 'settings' options, must have changed something and now a) the 'close' buttons on these little windows don't work, have to toggle on/off with the Function keys, and b) I seem to be stuck in 'grey' with no colours on the palette

Advice please - Jules

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The docker windows (tools, colors, history, and layers) can not be closed with the "X" button if no image is open

Thank you so much, it's all coming good now. If I close PdN with a colour image in it, the palette is colour next time I use it, and the docker windows no longer show at startup. It's unfortunate I started with a greyscale scan 😕

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