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Help Turning a Drawing Into a Cartoony Image

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Hello! I've come from the Devforum which is a forum on Roblox.


Someone has posted that they have turned a drawing into a picture using this website but I don't know how they have.

Screenshot: image

As you can see, they have done it over the original picture.


If you know how to do this, please reply to this post.


Thanks, WiseMatheu

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Hello @WiseMatheu and welcome to the forum :)


The OP probably traced over the original image, on a new layer, and then filled in the traced shape with the colors he/she wanted.


Another way can be done with Plugins.  On this example I used an image (I got rid of the background on remove.bg) and then I used @Red ochre's Poster (found under Composition) from his pack which can be found here.  After which I used the Plugin called Oil Painting, which can be found under Artisitic in Effects.




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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