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Can you trace a document?

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There is an image with many straight verticle and horizontal lines that I want to trace rather than just duplicate.  How can I do this in paint? 


I thought I would just add a layer and then trace the document that way, but I don't get the layer thing.  I thought a layer was like it was like putting a piece of transparent paper over a picture.  That way I can trace the picture and then take the layer off...  but when I click "add a layer"  I don't see anything different happening.  And I also don't seem to be able to separate the layer as a separate document.  So confused.

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When you add a New Layer the image looks no different because the new layer is transparent.


The new layer should show in the Layers window.



Once you have completed your tracing on the new layer, copy it.

Ctrl C 

Then paste into a new image.
Ctrl+Alt V


Save that new image.


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