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Colors Window. Is it too big?

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I thing Colors Window is too big specially that circle with colors, constantly I have to move it over all the screen to work on my image, It would be great make it smaller like History o Layer Windows.

Another great thing would be a Liquefy tool, some forumers recommend GIMP but I don’t like it, his user interface is unfriendly.

The SVG format is out of discussion. Rick Brewster said "SVG is a vector image format. Paint.NET is a raster/bitmap editor. It wouldn't make any sense for us to work with that file type. "

So I use Inkscape where you can convert jpg to SVG and SVG to png.

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You can quickly toggle the windows on/off with the function keys F5 to F8. I don't remember which key is specifically for the color window as I tend to push them all at once.

[edit]its F8. Here's a link to a list of the keyboard shortcuts: KeyBoard & Mouse commands[/edit]

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