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Character/font size inconsistent?

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I have two .pdn files (multi-layered) approximately the same size (240 * 400 vs. 240 * 376). When trying to insert in either file characters of the same size, I get a notable difference in size as the characters appear on screen in one file compared to the other one. In both images characters are 8 pt in size, same font (both bold), while the difference in appearance is about a factor 2.


How do I get the same selected size characters to appear the same size in my images in those two separate files?


(I need to add those two to a master image, each in a separate layer; that's is the reason I want those characters to have the same size.)

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Thanks! Changing to fixed helped.


When calling Resize, the pop-up window states: 96 DPI vs 300 DPI for the two images in question.

Is there a way to view the DPI value of an image, e.g. at the bottum of the screen where other properties are being displayed?

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