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Why can't I open my file after I return?


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I am a math teacher who has started to use paint as a way to present videos of lessons (I can record as I teach the lesson revealing layers as I go through problems). The problem is that when I create a lesson and save it appears to save but when I return to open it even though it has a thumbnail in the "open recent" it says there is a "error reading the file from the media" and it will not open. The file is called "Chapter 2-1 Rational Numbers" (its 2.2 mb). What am I doing wrong? I am sure you can understand how useless a program is if you can't open a file to work on it after you close. Thanks.

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What FileType are you saving the image as?

Are you saving onto removable media?

It is saving as a pdn file.

Directly on my harddrive

I have tried the progra, again and it saves okay and reopens. The only thing I did differently is that I did not rename the layers this time.

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