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Feature suggestion: Selecting multiple layers

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Hey there! I just wanted to throw in a suggestion for a feature that I feel would be pretty helpful fairly often: The ability to select and manipulate multiple layers at once. Even just to do something as simple as moving multiple layers in the same direction at once without having to click, select, and move every single individual layer every time would be really great.


I've seen people ask about this in multiple threads but I have not found any suggestions for fixing or working around this issue (via plugins or whatever). So I just thought I would throw in my voice as a another officially asking for this to be considered as a feature addition in the future 🙂

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Rick is really busy in the moment to get paint.net 4.3 to run supporting most of the old plugins. Big job.

Maybe selecting multiple layers could be done together with the introduction of layer groups. Even if this means that no effect/adjustment operations are allowed if more than one layer is selected. But just operations in the layers window would be great.



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I’ve actually always wanted a feature like this, as it was always time consuming to try and perfectly move multiple layers at once (mainly if the image is really small or big. I do all sorts of stuff with Paint.NET :P).


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