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Selection Ratio and Current Ratio Lock

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The image above is 4032x3024 (Ratio 4:3). The Selection is 1920x1080 (Ratio 16:9). At this point, when I Shift+drag a corner of the selection box, It changes to the original ratio of the image. I'd like a way to keep the ratio I have selected. Also, It would be nice if the was a Ratio display in the Status bar.


Thank you for your consideration,

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I'm not sure that I can repro your case.


If I'm selecting something and switch to the 'Move Selection' tool then the tool remembers the ratio. Pressing shift while dragging a corner adapts the selection to this ratio. If you change the ratio in this situation without shift then shift will still adapt to the original ration (which makes sense for me).


So the selection tools define the ratio and the 'Move Selection' tool adapts to this ratio it if you are pressing shift.

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That repros for me.

Not sure whether that's a bug or a feature.


Quickest work-around:

Adjust selection to desired aspect ratio.
Bucket fill on a New Layer.
Magic Wand filled area.

Shift-drag corner will maintain desired aspect ratio.

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