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Text "washes out" when saving as jpg

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I've searched the forums and haven't found this problem described anywhere.

I have a small button that is a dark grey background and bright yellow/gold text (Verdana, 10, bold, italics). I put the image together with layersl, and it looks great when I view it on the Paint.NET screen.

However, when I save it as a JPG, the text is less bright, and at 800% I can see that the text has lighter areas and is fuzzy.

I tried flattening the image first and then saving as JPG, but got the same result. Resolution is set at 96 pixels/inch and save quality is 100%.


http://www.solo-e.com/newimages/masters ... ftwork.pdn

Any ideas why this might be happening, and suggestions of how to fix and/or compensate for it, are appreciated!


Terri Z

Terri Zwierzynski

It's not just about the business -- it's about the lifestyle!


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If you're using IE, then yeah, it renders .pngs darker than the other alternatives.

Stupid IE!!!

*shakes fist at IE*

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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