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Control Progress Bar for Plugin with RenderingSchedule None

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I'm working on an effect plugin which doesn't work with any of the parallel rendering schedules, so I use:


new EffectOptions() { RenderingSchedule = EffectRenderingSchedule.None }


If the plugin takes a significant amount of time the progress bar is stuck in its "Initializing" state until the effect is complete. Is it possible to submit progress manually to the progress bar?

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11 hours ago, mccreery said:

Is it possible to submit progress manually to the progress bar?


Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.

My Content Aware Fill plugin uses a hack to work around this limitation when the effect dialog is open, but it will show no progress in other cases.

Rendering is performed in OnSetRenderInfo and the dialog subscribes to a progress event that it shows in its own progress bar.



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