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Remove Transparency 1.0: Makes the canvas opaque (April 22, 2021)

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Makes the canvas opaque by setting alpha to 255 for all pixels.

Effects > Texture > Remove Transparency



This plugin removes transparency from the selection in cases where you are working with pdn files or your file type doesn't have an option to save without transparency. It works well alongside my Clean Transparent plugin to improve compression in cases where transparent sections are not important. It can also fix almost-opaque sections inside a shape without removing the alpha channel for the whole image.


Download the complete plugin pack



Download 1.0 DLL Download 1.0 Installer

View source code on Github



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@mccreery, I guess I am missing something. Do I need to select the background in order for it to make it transparent. I tried it with a single flower image that has black background but nothing happened. Thanks :)

Click HERE to see my Pictorium of images I have worked on.



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I don't know why, but not a single add-in, including not only early but late ones, has any effect here. Anybody's. I have used paint.net fpr years simply, even saved images as .pdn, have all updates and the most recent version of paint.net. Is somebody 'out there' trying to make me buy Photoshop?

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