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Disable paint.net from setting itself as default viewer/editor

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Very frequently paint.net voluntarily sets itself as a default image viewer/editor on Windows10 disregarding all my attempts to set other programs as default viewers/editors. What do I need to stop paint.net from behaving like this? I have this problem for already like 1-2 years. (I am very well informed how to set defaults in Windows, it has to be something with the program's behaviour)

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The only advice I have is right-clicking on the file with the extension you want to change and then in File Explorer choose the button for open that has a drop-down menu in the tool bar or simply from the list that opens when you right-click choose "Open with". After using either method pick "Choose another app". When you find the program you rather use with that type of file, just make sure to select the check-box for "Always use this app to open xxx files." You have already tried setting defaults in Windows so maybe someone else has an internal way to let Paint.net open certain file extensions.

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